Student Education & Research In Astronomy

Boyce-Astro  — an extension of B.R.I.E.F


Grady Boyce Teaching Astrometry
Boyce-Astro is the astronomy arm of B.R.I.E.F. with addressing  education, community development, and national and international research and education programs in astronomy. To pursue our mission we

  • provide student and adult research and education programs
  • hold workshops and conferences to further the development of the astronomy community
  • conduct small (<1 m) telescope research
  • invest in research and education facilities to support our mission

Meet Boyce-Astro:

Grady Boyce
Grady Boyce: Vice President, Principal Educator, Research Coordinator and Outreach Facilitator for Boyce-Astro, Grady has been a life long astronomy enthusiast and amateur astronomer teaching students from K – retirement for the past 15 years.
Pat Boyce

Pat Boyce: BRIEF’s Executive Director has been a life long astronomy enthusiast and amateur astronomer. Pat now focuses on developing an astronomy research community of students, educators, and professional and pro-am astronomers especially in San Diego and Southern California to create a model for other communities to adopt.

About Us

The Boyce Family established the Boyce Research Initiatives and Education Foundation (B.R.I.E.F.) as a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization provide scientific and technical research opportunities to enhance the educational experience of students and to introduce them to the scientific and technical communities.

To guide B.R.I.E.F.’s initiatives we are proud to have an Advisory Board comprised of leaders in the scientific and education community:

  • Dr. Stella Kafka
  • Mr. Robert Buchheim
  • Dr. Russ Genet
  • Mr. Mike Chasin
  • Dr. Philip Blanco

B.R.I.E.F. has an experienced business and professional Board of Directors to oversee its management and administration:

  • Mr. Garrison Armstrong, Esq.
  • Mr. Richard Schulman
  • Mr. Robert Coles
  • Mr. Grady Boyce
  • Mr. Pat Boyce

B.R.I.E.F.’s Secretary-Treasurer is Ms. Debbie Fritsch, a non-profit executive and administrator.with extensive business experience