Boyce-Astro seminars operate in the virtual world grounded with our unique facilities.

We make maximum use of internet resources and fill in the gaps with our own.

Boyce-Astro Research Observatory – North (BARON)

Boyce-Astro Research Observatory (BARO)

The Boyce-Astro observatories enable students and other researchers to undertake specialized or extended period observations. Both systems are designed to support scientific photometry such as for exoplanet observations as well as astrophotography. Both can perform speckle interferometry observations for high precision astrometry measurements including an automated mode suitable for sky surveys. The BARO system can support star parties and rapid astrophotography with a color CMOS camera and wide field Takahashi refractor. interested students can become telescope operators for their own research or to participate with other researchers.

Here is more detailed information about these facilities and equipment:

–> BARO for observations

–> BARON for observations

Las Cumbres Observatory (LCO)

Boyce-Astro is a Global Sky Partner with LCO, the leading astronomical observatory in the world. Students can operate professional telescopes in six observatories around the globe. These LCO professional systems enable observations in both the northern and southern hemispheres. They are managed in a way that minimizes the effects of weather and equipment status. Thus, students can undertake research observations with high confidence and limited schedule risk.

Boyce-Astro relies on these LCO systems for much of its seminar program such as for DoubleSTARS™. For those new to astronomy, the LCO systems can produce rewarding three color images of celestial objects for astrophotography. Students can, if interested, become LCO operators for their own research such as for exoplanets or variable stars or support others with their research programs.

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