To begin your astronomy research, Boyce-Astro provides our FREE  IntroSTARS self-paced online course. You will learn the basic astrophysics needed to do your research and publish your paper in DoubleSTARS or observe exoplanets as an Exoplorer. Though IntroSTARS is based on a two-week schedule, we encourage you to allow 3 or 4 weeks to complete it so you can explore all the optional materials. Once you have mastered this material you will be eligible to move on to our other seminars when they begin. Sign up and start early

Not sure? Here’s some more information for your review:

  • IntroSTARSTM Syllabus   – this will be your guide to follow for the course and all the topics we cover  – Click here.
  • Video Introduction to IntroSTARSTM – an brief video what you will do in the course  – Click here
  • An example IntroSTARSTM video class on Parsecs and Light Years  –  Click here
  • Here is our Orientation Video for the IntroSTARS / DoubleSTARS combination – Click here

All you need to do is click on the link below to register and enter the course – and it’s FREE 

Signup for the FREE IntroSTARS Self-Paced Online Course Here

Immediately after you sign up, a new web page will open with the link to get started on the course – as your time allows. Be sure to bookmark the page or save the URL so you can go back each time you want to move ahead to the next lesson or module.

When you join you will be invited to our Slack Workspace to keep abreast of our seminars, programs, and activities. A few weeks before a new class such as DoubleSTARS or Introduction to Photometry and Exoplanets begin, you will be invited to take a Quiz to see if you are prepared to take those seminars. We allow about a week for you to complete the Quiz. Those who pass may then proceed to either of the next seminars. See our annual calendar for upcoming seminars and plan accordingly.