Boyce-Astro has education and school relationshps across the world. To perform the mission for these education partners, Boyce-Astro relies on these partners whose exceptional contributions must be recognized.

Las Cumbres Observatory (LCO)

Boyce-Astro has been a Global Sky Partner with LCO since the inception of their program in 2018 stemming from the RTSRE conference in 2017 in which they were the lead sponsor. LCO provides Partners observation time on their professional systems as well a wealth of high-quality education resources.

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Our Solar Siblings (OSS)

Boyce-Astro is indebted to Dr. Michael Fitzgerald and his OSS for their support of the Boyce-Astro programs. OSS not only provides calibration and plate solving for all the observation we make. OSS, Dr. Fitzgerald’s brainchild, routinely performs photometric analysis of all images in and observation. In addition, he is a key advisor to Boyce-Astro on al l areas of interest.

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American Association of Variable Star Observers (AAVSO)

Boyce-Astro is an active member and sponsor of the AAVSO. Student use of public AAVSO education materials is encouraged. Boyce-Astro sponsors student membership and course enrollment for interested seminar graduates. Boyce-Astro sponsors AAVSO webinars and receives students from around the world as a result.

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San Diego Astronomy Association (SDAA)

The first Boyce-Astro observatory, BARO, is hosted at a site leased from the SDAA at Tierra Del Sol. SDAA provides the support for its operation. Boyce-Astro encourages students participation in SDAA’s broad programs by sponsoring SDAAS membership for seminar graduates.

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Institute for Student Astronomical Research (InStAR)

Boyce-Astro is indebted to Dr. Russ Genet and his persistence in developing student science education through the writing of scientific papers. Boyce-Astro has continued with his selection of double star astrometry as a student’s first educational step. Today Boyce-Astro continues to collaborate with InStAR especially in astrometry, speckle interferometry, and related special programs.

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Planewave is the premier telescope manufacturer in the world. Boyce-Astro’s observatories use only PlaneWave equipment. These observatories have and currently serve as test beds for PlaneWave designs and applications. We are proud to participate these tests and studies. Boyce-Astro students benefit from these advances that can enable their doing cutting-edge research.

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