BRIEF 2018

Boyce Research Initiatives and Education Foundation has entered its 6th year and 2018 will be our most exciting to date.

Here is a peek of what is coming:

Double Star Research Seminar

The Boyce Astronomy Research Seminar has entered its fifth year, and we are pleased to work with another outstanding set of students. Last semester has yielded 11 papers into the publication pipeline, and this semester is looking to have the same. Way to go students.


Kicking off our Exoplanet program, BRIEF hosted some of our Double Star graduates whom attended and graduated from the AAVSO Exoplanet course taught by Dennis Conti. After graduating, these students will embark on  measuring exoplanet lightcurves taken with the new Boyce Astro Research Observatory.

New Observatory

BRIEF has contracted with Planewave Instruments for the installation of a CDK-17, on a L-500 mount. This will be fork mounted on a wedge and contain an FLI CCD with Sloan filters, a QSI CCD with JC filters, and a ZWO for Speckle Interferometry. BARO will be active in August, 2018.


BRIEF will initiate our first Photometry class for graduates of the Double Star class in the fall of 2018. This will focus on the fundamentals of photometry, the HR Diagram, and RR Lyrae and Eclipsing Binaries.

Partnership with Las Cumbres Observatory

BRIEF was honored by Las Cumbres Observatory as an educational partner. With the awarded time, BRIEF will research exoplanets, variable stars, and continued studies on double stars.

BRIEF continues to grow in new and exciting ways. Stay connected with our new programs and announcements through our new website and this blog. Thank you all for an exciting last few years, and we hope to have you on board for the next few.

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