Spring 2019 DoubleSTARS™ Registration Opens

Spring 2019 DoubleSTARS™

DoubleSTARS™ – the Introductory Seminar

Boyce-Astro will be conducting or supporting the DoubleSTARS Astronomy Research Seminars Online and in Classrooms at several locations for the Spring Semester 2019. This is the same seminar that has been conducted for over three years in San Diego by BRIEF. You will propose and conduct original research in astrometry as a team member and complete a research paper accepted for publication. You will experience the scientific process from proposal all the way through to publication.

The seminar fee is $99, which includes all course materials as well as computer and telescope time. The fee is due no later than the WEEK 4 online session. There is no financial obligation for taking the first three weeks of the seminar and then withdrawing. Online sessions use Zoom video conferencing; a video capable computer or laptop is necessary for the seminar.

If you are taking this seminar in conjunction with an approved classroom instruction program (e.g. Community College honors program or independent study, High School science class), this online seminar is FREE. Other students may apply for scholarships and those applications are due no later than the WEEK 3 online session.

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